Historic Photos of Lakeland

Picture of Cleveland Heights boulevard and lake Hollingsworth drive take 1924

Cleveland Heights District Lakeland FL Historic Photo
Cleveland Heights District Lakeland FL Historic Photo

This was a picture taken of the Cleveland Heights subdivision before it was built circa 1920’s. The developer was named H. A. Stahl who was from Cleveland, Ohio and named the subdivision after his hometown. There are many historic homes around this area that were built during this time frame, all of them share the same Mediterranean Revival Architecture popular of the time period. H.A Stahl lost everything during the stock market crash of 1929 that started the great depression. He died of a heart attack in 1931.

Historic Scene of Lake Mirror Taken ~ 1910

Scene of Lake Mirror, Lakeland, FL
Scene on lake Mirror Lakeland, FL

Florida Southern College – Overlooking Lake Hollingsworth – 1925

Florida Southern College, Overlooking Lake Hollingsworth Lakeland, FL 25 Florida Southern College was found in 1885 and is a major contributor to Lakeland’s historic architecture of South Lakeland.

Florida Souther College, Overlooking Lake Hollingsworth Lakeland, FL 25

Aerial View of Lake Mirror Showing Downtown – Looking West

Aerial Hand Drawn view of Lakeland, FL

Airplane view of (Florida) southern college on Lake Hollingsworth

Picture of Main Street

Main Street Lakeland, FL

This picture is a bit difficult to wrap your head around today. The city underwent some changes and changed some of the streets. I think that a large building on the right-hand side is the terrace hotel. The picture was taken at the corner of South Florida and Main street looking towards Lake Mirror. The interesting thing here is the little orange building in the center of the picture. That is no longer there. That was where there were little outdoor shops. That is now a road.

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